Who is Flojo?

(and no... we don't mean the Amercian track and field athlete)

Flojo was brought into the world by Katie Lodge through the need to live a more creative, productive and fulfilling life. 

A keen interest in self-development and knowledge work has led her down a path of exploration, with a focus on productivity, decision making and 'getting it done'.

Flojo is where some of these ideas, learnings, and experiences are shared.  
Often raw. Sometimes borrowed. Always honest.


Meet Katie

Creator of Flojo

With almost 20 years' experience in design, business development & marketing, Katie made the bold decision in 2019 to step into solopreneurship after experiencing burnout and realising that she needed to rediscover what she was truly passionate about. 

Through the practice of journaling, reflection and self-discovery, Katie satisfied her yearning to bring more creativity into her life and went on to establish two businesses - The Creative Lodge and Flojo. 

Her work now focuses on helping career-driven, passionate people to discover their real purpose, overcome overwhelm, get clarity, and reclaim their time to do the things that bring them more fulfillment.

Katie helps people to bring their ideas and businesses to life with coaching, business development strategy through to design and brand development, whilst also working with them on their mindset and creative thinking.

She is a master juggler whose day starts before the sun comes up. Squeezing in a Pilates workout before the birds have caught their worms, Katie is a woman who manages her day on her terms (most of the time!). As a busy mum and business owner, she has a lot to pack into her day. Feeling productive, kicking goals and being efficient are non-negotiables. Her to-do list is long and her decaf almond milk flat white coffee game is strong.

Katie's long term partner (and occasional contributor to Flojo), Andrew is a mindfulness master, modern-day stoic and all-round good guy. In-between early morning and late-night shifts at the gym training his clients, Andrew makes a list of his favourite motivational podcasts and gets his daily reading time nailed. Procrastination is not in his vocab. He’s a deep thinker and a do’er. Sure he might make the odd list or two for the weekly food shop, but his journal is filled with big dreams, big goals and ideas ready to be born into the world. 

Together, they bring to life their passion for helping others realise their full potential through Flojo.