Find Your Flow 30 Day Journaling Course

Get clarity, set goals and find flow through journaling – a 30 day course on how to start and maintain a journaling habit.



Do you feel like you have no time for yourself? Stressed and overwhelmed?  

Always rushing from one thing to the other, constantly looking after everyone else's needs but your own? Need to carve out a bit of time for some self-care?

Do you find yourself wishing that you had a more creative outlet, or the motivation to start taking the action needed to make your passions a reality? 

Perhaps you are one of those people that start something with heaps of good intentions and drive, only to find that a few days or weeks into it you lose momentum and motivation without a champion to help keep you accountable?



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I’ve opened up the waitlist for the next group of journaling legends to work with in 2021 during the next Find Your Flow in 30 Days Journaling course


Like many, I have experienced first-hand the feeling of overwhelm, paralysed by having too much to do, too many things on my plate, and not knowing how I am going to get through it all. I have been in that place where work becomes all-consuming and completely takes over. I have laid awake at night making mental to-do lists in my head until 3am and then not being able to sleep, eat or think clearly. 

It sucks. 

I’ve been the mum at the school literally pushing her kid through the gate, not having time to stop and talk to the other parents and then running to get to a meeting. I’ve been the person that has stayed at the office All.Night.Long and hasn’t gone home until the next day because of the intense deadlines and responsibility.

I have also been the person that transformed my life and completely redesigned it to suit my families needs and that of my desired lifestyle. I’ve leveled up and put in the inner work to satisfy the yearning that I had to do something bigger than me, something with more creativity, and more purpose and that brought me more joy and fulfilment.


"This course is about sharing some of the tools and strategies that I personally implemented to make a positive change in my life and my daily habits, and I'd love to show you how journaling can be a highly effective tool that you too, can benefit from."



Course info

This course will: 

  • enable you to learn some of the benefits to be gained from consistent journaling

  • help you to create positive, ongoing habits that will add value to all areas of your life

  • gently keep you accountable and on track


Why do this course?

If you want one of more of the following things, then this course could be right for you. 

It’s for anyone who wants to:

  • Get more clarity

  • Introduce some self-care into your day

  • Create more space and time for YOU

  • Feel more productive

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve your mood

  • Organise your thoughts

  • Feel into some heart-centered goals (not the boring SMART goals your boss makes you do!)

  • Take action and stop procrastinating

  • Get a handle on your emotions


Who's it for?

Maybe you resonate with one of these when it comes to journaling...


The Journal  Newbie

Maybe you have heard about journaling and the benefits and you are intrigued, keen to know more and give it a try.


What’s included

  • Masterclasses on journaling, mindset and habits

  • Daily journal prompts for the full 30 days

  • Access to a private group 

  • Group Q&A session

  • Accountability to keep you on track

  • **BONUS** Guest guided meditation


What you'll need

  • A fresh notebook

  • Your favourite pen

  • An open mind

  • A little bit of time each day (10-15minutes)


Your Investment


special price of $97

We’re not suggesting you give up your daily latte (because you is life!), but FYI, this is less than the cost of your morning caffeine fix and trust me, the benefits will be far more rewarding.



Word on the Street


Thank you for creating a beautiful journaling course! Your presence is such a gift!



The waitlist for the next course is now open.

Are you ready to find your flow?

Let’s get started!



If you're interested in joining the next 30-day course, drop your details below to get on the waitlist and we can chat!


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